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  1. What is Navatom

    Navatom is a ship management software solution that increases vessel compliance to international maritime rules and regulations. Navatom achieves this by storing quality data with, product integrations, individual user accounts for employees and crew-members, and very powerful cloud infrastructure.

    1. The simplest way to engage your fleet

    Every action in Navatom is visible by all users, everywhere in real-time.

    10+ years of experience in developing cloud solutions for maritime.

    Ship Management
    Rules and regulations are implemented within the products.

    Over thirty products are deeply integrated to form a complete solution platform.

    2. Collaborative ship management

    During routine operation, you and your crew input data through many platforms such as software, worksheets, emails, messages, and even phone or direct conversation. When you need to analyze this data, you lose time gathering the data for analysis.

    Navatom is a real-time platform. It organically becomes the single point of truth for data, as the mediums mentioned above become redundant.

    Benefits of real-time

    • Achieving real-time leads to conversations and file sharing with crew on a topic.
    • More parties are engaged in improving on your systems.
    • All reports and data are gathered in a single medium.
    • More complex analysis can be achieved through quality data.

    3. Reduce IT requirements and costs

    Every hardware, software, and service you need to install to run your fleet management software is a risk factor you need to consider. Each action a user takes within Navatom products is directly sent to and stored within the cloud.

    Real-time interaction in Navatom leads to more data accumulation than any other ship management software in the market. From your viewpoint, Navatom looks like a single website. In reality, multiple systems run in the background to create a secure and reliable platform that users can access through numerous gateways that mirror each other in harmony.

    • Advantages
    • Cost Savings
    • Security
    • Flexibility
    • Mobility
    • Insight
    • Increased Collaboration
    • Quality Control
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Loss Prevention
    • Automatic Software Updates
    • Competitive Edge
    • Sustainability

    4. Implemented rules, regulations, and business logic

    Navatom products aim to simplify ship management through automation and integrations. Each product's primary goal is to reduce your employee's and crew's data entry while increasing productivity and quality of data for analysis.

    There is a high knowledge cost to managing ships. This knowledge cost stems from the increasing rules and regulations of the trade. Navatom products have validations and warnings to warn you and your crew when non-conformities to regulations occur.

    5. Software as a service, you can access anywhere anytime

    Navatom is a multi-tenant platform built upon various modern cloud technologies. When combined, these technologies allow you to access Navatom from any device, anywhere. The platform has the capabilities to scale automatically according to user needs and load.

    Navatom is the only genuine software as a service platform for ship management, delivering applications over the internet - as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software onboard your vessels or your company, you simply access is via the internet, freeing your company from complex software and hardware management.
  2. Who uses Navatom?

    Navatom is for technical managers of maritime vessels. The platform's elastic and dynamic features allow a broad range of vessel types and fleet sizes to use the platform with ease. Forward-thinking maritime companies with stable internet connections prefer Navatom.

    • Maritime vessel management solution
    Navatom is used by maritime management companies that regulate and improve the operations and safety of vessels that need to comply with international maritime rules and regulations.

    • Fleet size
    Navatom is engineered with complex features that are easy to use. You will encounter new features frequently. Depending on the fleet size and regulatory needs, you can choose to implement them.

    • Needs
    Navatom is developed based on customer needs. Whether you are rapidly adding new vessels to your fleet, increasing your KPI goals to work with major oil companies, or managing luxury vessels, implementation is easy.

    • Vessel type
    Diversity in maritime vessel types has led Navatom to grow as a generalist solution for all marine vessel management. All customer vessel types are taken into consideration when implementing new features.

    • Solutions by fleet size
    Navatom is being used onboard various and ever-changing fleet sizes. Navatom is easy to implement and use on small fleets. Easy to manage and change data on mid-size fleets, and easy to migrate to and manage from multi-location enterprise companies with large fleets.
    With varying degrees of support and onboarding assistance, Navatom makes life easy for ship managers.
    Navatom is the only real software as a service system, where the whole software is reliably and securely served from an enterprise-grade and highly flexible cloud architecture.

    • Solutions by needs
    Whether you have a rapidly growing fleet. You're transitioning to different vessel types, applying for TMSA, or other company requirements, or simply transitioning from paper-based systems to digital solutions, Navatom has you covered.
    With many features designed to simplify complex ship management and operation tasks, you will feel right at home with Navatom.

    • Solutions by Vessel Type
    Navatom is designed with layered features. Layered features are features that you can use with various detail levels. Throughout Navatom Products, you will encounter features that can be enabled or detailed as per your company and systems requirements.
    The base tier features which are required for any maritime vessel are available readily. Depending on vessel type, more advanced features can be activated by you on the fly. This layered feature system enables various vessel types to use Navatom with ease throughout their fleet.
  3. How does it work?

    Navatom uses modern cloud technologies to bridge maritime vessels to their managers in real-time. The simultaneous connection to the same data source leads to increased data quality and usage in the platform. Navatom has proprietary technologies that ensure a stable connection with various satellite communication systems used onboard today's maritime vessels.

    • Genuine modern cloud architecture
    Most if not all ship management software on the market requires you to install a service, software, or run a specific service at your headquarters or onboard your vessels. The most significant pain point of this structure is managing these installed software and computer systems. 90% of problems occur on the hardware level on this type of legacy ship management software. Maintenance is complex with the global nature of the industry.
    Navatom, on the other hand, is the only genuinely fully cloud-based software as a service system. Where installation, maintenance, or upgrade is handled automatically by Navatom "as a service." All of your ships and employees connect directly to Navatom's enterprise-grade, reliable, and secure cloud architecture in real-time.

    • Benefits of SaaS and cloud
    SaaS customers do not need to buy, install, maintain, or update software or hardware. Access is easy. All you need is an internet connection.

    o Always up to date
    Navatom runs on a multitenant architecture that enables all users to have the latest features, rules, guides kept up to date within Navatoms databases in the cloud.
    o Better Access
    All users access the same data from any networked device. You don't need to consider synchronization or other data problems when making changes to your data. All users are on the same version of the software and data, making it easier to implement new procedures and features.
    o Cost Savings
    The primary cost-saving factor in the cloud is the removal of hardware requirements from the stack. As genuine cloud software doesn't require you to install, upgrade or maintain any hardware in your headquarters or onboard your vessels, you will immediately save on hardware, software installation, and IT maintenance.
    o Security
    Cybersecurity is a trending topic in the maritime industry. Navatom partners with some of the best cloud hosts in the market. The full-time job of a cloud host is to monitor the security and availability of their systems. Navatom is also audited and inspected by third-party vendors for safety and reliability against malicious attacks. Since all users are always on the latest version of the software, they also use the latest available security updates.
    o Mobility
    It's common to see crew walking around with phones running Navatom or superintendents doing audits with tablets running Navatom. Traveling employees and crew members on leave can also get the latest info and contribute.
    o Increased collaboration
    Most tasks in ship management are usually completed or overseen by one employee. Recurring tasks and solved issues are often archived and forgotten. Navatom contrarily offers true collaboration where multiple employees and crew can contribute to completing an operation, revising a procedure, or solving a problem.
    o Disaster Recovery
    Cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios, from natural disasters to power outages.
    o Loss Prevention
    Within legacy ship management software, you alone are responsible for your data that resides in your office/ship computers and servers. You may not have experienced it yet, but computers and servers can malfunction because of malware, viral infections, or age-related hardware deterioration. However, with a cloud-based infrastructure, all the information you've uploaded to the cloud remains safe and easily accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Navatom also runs a point-in-time recovery system (that restores data to a specific time) runs in place, along with mirrored databases that back each other up in case of failures.
    o Reliability
    Navatom runs on multiple gateways and mirroring software and database servers simultaneously. On your side, Navatom is a singular entity that you can access through your browser. On the backend, Navatom is a sophisticated piece of software that automatically and virtually adapts to load and balances and scales automatically according to user needs.
  4. Ship management software for maritime fleet managers

    Navatom is an all-inclusive ship management software. Navatom products and solutions offer all you need to improve your vessel compliance, reduce running costs across the board, and analyze your weak points.

    Navatom is a unique piece of software, first in its class to offer genuine cloud solutions for Ship Management Companies.

    • Low communication due to data exchange problems
    Navatom has started as a research and development project with a select few ship management companies. The initial aim of Navatom was to increase communication between ship and shore on procedure implementation and issue solving.
    The initial problem that came with this idea was data exchange. Unfortunately, it is impossible to initiate fruitful dialogues where data exchange is delayed. This was the case for legacy ship management software back then, and it still is the most significant pain point of companies that use them now.

    • Cloud-based Fleet Management Software as a service
    To implement software systems that enable ship management companies and the crew of their fleet to create task-based dialogues in real-time.
    This solution came with a price tag. When development started on Navatom, the ships it was supposed to work with had INMARSAT-C type SatCom systems onboard. As a result, Navatom has an entirely separate and optimized cloud-based web application entirely for ship use. The ship products mirror the company products, but they are easier to use and optimized to use all types of Ship Satellite Communication Systems.
    At the time, these systems were supplied as Iridium, Fleet Broadband, and later Thuraya, to name a few.
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